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Water Treatment Operations and Maintenance

Plant Operations, Maintenance of Water Wells and Water Towers  

The Water Treatment Division operates and maintains the Vernon Campbell Water Treatment Plant. The plant is a lime softening facility capable of treating 17 million gallons of water a day. The staff maintain 34 active water well sites, 20 inactive water well sites and 6 water towers year round.  

In 2017 the division produced a total of 4,789 million gallons of water

  • The water treatment plant produced 3,353 million gallons of water
  • The water wells produced 1,077 million gallons of water
  • The division purchased 359 million gallons of water from Oklahoma City

Greg Apperson Plant Operator      

Greg Apperson Plant Operator backwashing one of the plant filters                                      


In 2017 the Plant staff developed several short videos to use as educational tools for the public.

staff working

One of the Plant Staff working on the Lime Slaking sytem.

The Water Treatment Division relys a staff of 16 personnel to operate the Water Treatment Plant 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Shifts are rotated among the staff to insure the plant always has a qualified Operator on site.  Meeting State and Federal regulations as well as the expectations of the community are our primary responsibilities.  In addition to operating the plant, the staff perform routine maintenance associated with keeping the plant and water wells operating. Our staff operates and maintains 31 water wells.  In 2016 these resources provide approximately 3.05 billion gallons of water to the citizens of Norman.  The Water Treatment Division added a new water tower in 2016.  Currently, the plant staff maintain all city well sites, the water treatment plant and 6 water towers located throughout the City of Norman.

Latest Achievements by Staff:

2017 saftey

2017 Saftey Award for the Water Treatment Plant


In 2016 Greg Apperson, Rachel Croft, Scott Lewis and Neal Engleman received awards at the OWPCA Short School


Norman WTP Staff receiving recent Governmental Excellence Award

          Rose State College recently awarded the City of Norman with the Governmental Excellence Award 2015.  This award is given to a political subdivision (local, state, federal government) for ongoing commitment to outstanding water supply, distribution, and/or treatment (including, but not limited to capital infrastructure improvements).


2012 Large Water Well
System of the Year presented by OWPCA