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Water Reclamation Laboratory

Samples analyzed: Over 25,000 sample analysis per year.

Analyses conducted: Conventional chemistry, biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, total solids, total volatile solids, ammonia, volatile acids, pH, chlorides, dissolved oxygen, nitrates, nitrites, settleable solids, and alkalinity, fecal coniform.

Quantity of QC samples analyzed: 10%

Instrumentation: Ion-selective electrode meters, pH meters, dissolved oxygen meters, analytical balance, drying ovens, muffle furnace, centrifuge, spectrophotometer, and conductivity meter.

Data system: Data is compiled in Excel spreadsheets. The lab plans to add a supervisory control and data acquisition system to generate reports.

Number of lab staff: 3

Unique aspects and fun facts: The laboratory supplies glassware and hardware to local civic groups for the Halloween" Mad Scientist" display and gives tours to all types civic groups throughout the year. It also works with Oklahoma's Department of Human Services to train low-income citizens who want to acquire technical skills in the environmental field. Darrell Schwartz, the Senior Laboratory Technician is certified as an approved instructor by Oklahoma's Department of Environmental Quality. He has a Class A laboratory certificate and a Class A operator's certificate.