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Water Reclamation Energy Efficiency Projects

NWRF Blower System


2011 Aeration System & Digester Boiler Replacement Energy Project


  • Old blower system operated on a 4160v platform.
  • New blower system operates on a 480v platform.
  • New system reduces electrical cost by 25% or $100,000 per year.
  • Funded partly by Department of Energy (DOE) grant ($1.1 million dollars).
  • Reduces maintenance repair cost and increases safety for workers.
  • Developed a system to sell old 4160v equipment versus contractor ownership and removal.
  • Sold old equipment for $26,500.
  • Old 1965 digester boilers replaced with new high efficiency digester boilers.
  • New boiler reduce natural gas by 30% over old units. Purchased with DOE funding.