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Norman Center City Vision


Final Center City Form Based Code

Final Regulating Plan


Center City TIF Ordinance and Project Plan

Center City TIF Policy Guide

Johnson and Associates Center City Infrastructure Analysis


The purpose of the City Center Vision (CCV) is to develop a vision and plan that will provide guidance and regulations for future development and redevelopment of the Central City. The project will reset the conversation from specific ad hoc projects to a broader vision and acknowledge, recognize and honor the work done previously by the community.


The project is jointly funded by the University of Oklahoma and the City of Norman. Norman Mayor Cindy Rosenthal observes “the Center City Vision Project is a way for us to connect the dots between our hopes for the future of Norman, good planning, and market demand.  Vision can come from many places, but smart communities realize that engaging the public in the city-making process leads to better answers and a deeper public ownership of our future.”


The Center City Vision project area includes Downtown’s West Main Street and Campus Corner as well as residential neighborhoods in between,many of which are experiencing rapid change. Project boundaries are roughly Gray Street on the North, Boyd Street one the south, the BNSF tracks on the east and Flood Street on the west. Project partners the City of Norman and the University of Oklahoma chose a project boundary that includes Campus Corner, Downtown and the neighborhoods in between because the area is already experiencing significant development pressure. Both partners believe that developing a publically-supported vision for this area will provide long-term benefits inside the project area and also in surrounding neighborhoods.

 Project Area Map

Team Members

Bill Lennertz, project lead, National Charrette Institute

Bill Lennertz, AIA, co-founder and Executive Director of the National Charrette Institute, is co-author of The Charrette Handbook and has co-developed and teaches the NCI Charrette System™,the first structured approach to design-based collaborative community planning. With Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company and as a partner in Lennertz Coyle &Associates, Bill has directed over 150 charrettes.

Daniel Parolek, design leader, Opticos Design

Daniel Parolek is a nationally recognized thought leader in architecture, design, and urban planning, specifically in terms of creating livable, sustainable communities and buildings that reinforce them. Since establishing himself early in his career as an expert in these fields, he has won national competitions and awards for his work and is often asked to contribute to publications and resources.

Christopher Janson, senior designer, Opticos Design

Christopher Janson is an architect and urban planner who is highly skilled at bridging the two disciplines. He has a passion for and expertise in integrating important architectural-scale details within the perspective of the bigger planning picture—a skill that makes him an effective project manager and an office leader in the exploration of innovative urban building types and sustainability from the building to citywide scales.

Mary Madden, AICP, code specialist, Ferrell-Madden

Mary Madden has 20 years of experience in the fields of urban planning and design, com­munity development, and historic preservation at the federal, state, and local levels. Her practice includes town planning and urban design for public and private sector clients, with an emphasis on revising zoning codes to promote compact development and walkable envi­ronments. More

Geoffrey Ferrell, architect code specialist, Ferrell-Madden

Geoffrey Ferrell is one of the originators of the modern practice of Form-Based Codes. His work ranges from site-specific urban designs to zoning-toolkits to replace Euclidean zones —development regulations that emphasize clarity for end-users. Before establishing his firm in 1992, Geoff was an urban designer and code writer for Duany Plater-Zyberk Architects in Miami. He also served for two years as the Director of Urban Design for the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in Florida. More

G. Wade Walker, Regional Engineering Manager/Complete Streets Regional Leader,

                               Alta Engineering SE/LLC Davidson

For the past 20 years, Wade has been focused on rebalancing transportation systems to support the urban and rural areas. He creates context sensitive solutions that incerease community livability. He is a recognized expert in walkability and Smart Growth, and often speaks at national conferences on the subject of Complete Streets and balanced multi-modal solutions.


Steering Committee:

On January 21, 2014, the Norman City Council approved a Memo of Understanding (MOU) between Center City Vision Project partners the City of Norman and the University of Oklahoma. The MOU establishes that the Center City Vision Project will be governed by a Steering Committee, which also includes an Executive Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Description

Minutes CCV Steering Committee 3.26.14

Minutes CCV Steering Committee 3.27.14

Steering Committee Meeting May 12, 2014 Agenda

Minutes May 12, 2014

Steering Committee Meeting November 4, 2014 Agenda

Steering Committee Meeting December 9, 2014 Agenda

Steering Committee Meeting July 10, 2015 Agenda

Minutes July 10, 2015

Steering Committee Meeting August 13, 2015 Agenda

Minutes August 13, 2015

Steering Committee Meeting September 23, 2015 Agenda

Minutes September 23, 2015

Steering Committee Meeting January 29, 2016 Agenda

Steering Committee Meeting February 26, 2016 Agenda

Steering Committee Meeting April 22, 2016 Agenda

Steering Committee Meeting May 12, 2016

Minutes May 12, 2016

Steering Committee Meeting June 30, 2016 Agenda

Minutes June 30, 2016

March 26, 2014 CCV Kick-Off Meeting

March CCV Kick-Off Meeting

Post It Vision Wall Transcriptions

Strong Weak Table Transcriptions

Norman Visual Preference Tally

Strong, Weak Places Composites

May 12-16, 2014 CCV Charrette

May Charrette Invitation

May Charrette Agenda

Final Norman Charrette Report

Consultant Presentation 12-1-15

Councilmember Hickman's Ward 4 Meeting Presentation

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