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Electrical Permit Fee Schedule

Electrical permits will be issued to contractors currently licensed by the State of Oklahoma and the City of Norman. The fees are based on Norman Code Section 5-104. If you have any questions regarding the fee structure, please call the City of Norman Building Permit Information and Inspection Desk at (405) 366-5339.

A fee summary is provided below to help you estimate fees associated with the most frequently issued or most commonly issued electrical trade permits. Actual fees will be determined when the permit is issued. Every effort has been made to assure accuracy of the information presented in this document, but the calculation of fees determined when the permit is issued will prevail.

New Construction—the fees for new construction are determined by the electric service size, and cover all inspections from the temporary service to the final inspection. For any service size over 125 amps, the cost increases by $23.00 per 100 amps.

Effective June 1, 2010 the City of Norman began collecting $4.00 for each permit issued above the cost of the permit as mandated by the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission (OUBCC).  This is pursuant to State Statue 59 O.S. SS 1000.23 and 1000.25 also known as the Uniform Building Code Commission Act; and in accordance to the Emergency Rules Title 748 of the Uniform Building Code Commission (OUBC) signed into effect by Govenor Brad Henry on January 12, 2010.

  • Service & Wiring 125 Amps or Less $ 35.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 126 to 200 Amps $ 58.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 201 to 300 Amps $ 83.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 301 to 400 Amps $ 108.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 401 to 500 Amps $ 133.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 501 to 600 Amps $ 158.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 601 to 700 Amps $ 183.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 701 to 800 Amps $ 208.00 each
  • Service & Wiring 801 to 900 Amps $ 233.00 each

Repairs, renovations, remodel or other miscellaneous wiring or service change permits will be assessed a minimum fee of $25.00. If more than two inspections are required or other special circumstances exist, there will be a $25.00 fee per each additional inspection.

  • Minimum Fee…………..……..$25.00
  • Per Inspection Fee…………...$25.00

Other Costs: There is a $25.00 cost for re-inspections or for on-site consultations with the City Inspectors