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Common DP Plumbing


1. No address visible from street; couldn’t find location
2. House locked
3. Complete previous list; corrections not made
4. Work not ready for inspection
5. Piping concealed before inspected and approved

6. No air pressure indicated on test gauge
7. Test gauge indicates a leak
8. Water must be on for final inspection
9. No air or water pressure test provided on water distribution piping
10. Sewer riser “as built” must be provided on site for building sewer service inspection

11. All glued joints of pvc piping require purple primer
12. Improper fall; reverse fall; or no fall on drainage piping
13. Cannot lay sanitary tee on its back in drain piping
14. Install flashings at roof penetrations
15. CSST gas piping must be bonded to the grounded electrical service conductor

16. Protect structure
17. Nail plates
18. Freeze protection required
19. B-vent too close to combustible material
20. B-vent insulation shield required

21. Air gap required; air gap does not meet code specifications
22. Backflow protection is not properly installed; ASSE number must match hazard requirements
23. The lawn irrigation backflow preventer must be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor
24. Stop and waste valves may not be installed below ground in potable water distribution systems
25. Backflow protection required for hand held shower

26. Secure dishwasher drain hose against bottom side of counter top
27. Seal the annular space around pipe penetrations into the interior building space
28. Seal all floor and wall surfaces where plumbing fixtures or backsplashes abut these surfaces
29. Install a service valve and cap on all unused gas piping outlets
30. Extend building sewer cleanout to finished grade elevation

31. Properly install temperature and pressure relief valve discharge piping
32. An expansion tank or valve is required to control increased pressure due to thermal expansion
33. Air admittance valves must be accessible
34. Install equipment in accordance with listing; provide manufacturers installation instructions