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Common DP Electrical


1. No address visible from street; couldn’t find location
2. Construction pole not secured in earth
3. Repair temp pole electrical equipment
4. Install equipment in accordance with listing
5. Protect romex

6. Secure romex
7. Box fill
8. Install outlet to meet required spacing
9. House locked
10. In use cover required

11. Combination type arc fault protection required
12. Smoke detectors not working; no batteries in smoke detectors; remove dust covers
13. Panel not labeled adequately
14. Secure devices
15. Properly identify white wire in cable assembly used as ungrounded conductor

16. Extend outlet/device box flush with combustible material
17. Complete previous list; corrections not made
18. Work not ready for inspection
19. Install proper free conductor length at outlet and device boxes
20. Lighting outlet box must be rated for 50 pounds support minimum

21. Foundation steel must be connected as part of the grounding electrode system
22. Provide means of disconnect for kitchen exhaust hood motor
23. Seal around exterior boxes and covers
24. Install ant-tip device on electric range
25. Bond hot/cold metal piping systems

26. Properly wire aerobic sewer solution equipment
27. Provide required separation between high and low voltage wiring systems
28. Install proper wire size to electric cooking equipment
29. Door chime transformer not listed for installation in the attic
30. Provide proper working clearance at :________________________

31. Install proper wiring material for concealed wiring of low voltage lighting systems
32. Install an approved lighting fixture in the clothes closet
33. Install insulating bushings on connectors
34. Grounding conductor creates a parallel neutral violation
35. Properly connect rope lighting

36. Receptacles must be tamper resistant
37. Receptacles must be weather resistant
38. Protect structure
39. Properly install emergency system wiring and signage
40. Properly bond the equipment ground at metal boxes