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Common DP Building


The Code Sections references in this list are from the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC)

  1. No address visible from street, couldn’t find location_R109.3

  2. Work not ready for inspection (incomplete);complete previous list; corrections not complete (2009 IRC R109.3)

  3. Foundation: City approved site plan must be present on construction site for inspection_R109.3; lot lines must be clearly distinguishable; excavations must be uniform and clear of debris; steel must be placed uniformly consistent with the code or engineered design_R401

  4. Slab: Fill material uniformly compacted; grade stakes are non-organic material and indicate a minimum slab thickness of 3.5 inches; materials subject to corrosion by concrete contact are protected _R506

  5. Exterior sheathing/siding: Provide proper ground clearance to wood products, treated or naturally resistant wood products required; materials properly fastened to structure or substrate_R317

  6. Frame: Bottom plates secure to foundation; sheathing and/or other wall bracing materials fastened properly; wall, floor, ceiling and roof structure members sized correctly and secured by proper fasteners; notching and boring of framing members; proper load transfer paths; fire blocking/draft stopping; stair riser heights; egress windows where required; safety glazing where required; stories above grade exterior window sill height; ceiling heights; attic ventilation provided; rough trade inspections approved_R301

  7. Masonry fireplace: Foundation provided; firebox walls; firebox dimensions; lintel and throat; smoke chamber; hearth and hearth extension; fireplace clearance to combustible materials; fire blocking; chimney and flue; cleanout; chimney cricket; outside air_R1001.1

  8. Insulation: Air barrier/thermal barrier rough complete; 1 inch air flow gap provided below roof deck or approved alternative; penetrations sealed; minimum prescriptive R-values achieved_N1102.4.2.2

  9. Final: Permanent site address; exterior grading complete; no breach in garage separation; attic insulation; stairs, hand rails and guard rails complete; fireplace openings require proper clearance to combustible materials; exterior door locks must not require key, tool or special knowledge to unlock in direction of egress; exterior finishes complete_R109.1.6

  10. General: House locked and/or occupied_R109.3