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Code Compliance - Types of Complaints

Principal Complaints

  • Weeds: 12" or more of annual growth; not including trees or shrubs.
  • Health: Items outside, not intended for outside storage, i.e.; cloth, cardboard, furniture, tree limbs on the ground, boards, household appliances, and stagnant water.
  • Unsecured Structure: Vacant structures that are unsecured, open, or otherwise accessible to the public and/or animals.
  • Inoperable Vehicles: Vehicles that do not run, are not currently street legal, including those that do not have current tags, have flat tires, blocked tires, on jacks, etc.
  • Substandard Housing: Inadequate living facilities.
  • Off-street Parking: Any vehicle parked in a yard on a surface other than asphalt or concrete, except for gravel driveways in place prior to 1967.
  • Signs: Signs are prohibited in the rights-of-way and on utility poles and are removed by city inspectors proactively.