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Code Compliance - Proactive Area Information


The City of Norman has expanded proactive code enforcement citywide to benefit the community. The expansion became effective March 15, 2012. The program focuses on urban areas, but rural residential subdivisions and other non-urban area violations will be worked when they are found. Previous proactive enforcement was limited to specific residential areas and was very limited. The new program, although focused in urban areas, allows enforcement of violations in all parts of the City in all zoning districts. Proactive code enforcement allows for Code Compliance Inspectors to initiate action on violations when they are discovered instead of waiting for a citizen complaint. However, citizen complaints will continue to be investigated as they have been historically. Principal complaints that are received in our office are weeds, health, inoperable vehicles, property maintenance, off-street parking on unimproved surfaces, unsecured structures, signs in the right-of-way, and zoning. If you have questions about code enforcement or the changes that took place in March, additional information may be obtained by calling 366-5332. You may call the same number to speak with someone about code compliance issues or to file code complaints. Violation complaints may also be entered online by clicking here to file an online complaint, or by phone at the number noted above, or through the Action Center at 366-5396.