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Code Compliance - Complaints - Substandard Housing

Substandard Housing

The International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) has been adopted in Chapter 10 of the City Of Norman Code of Ordinances, and is used for this type of violation. Additionally, the IPMC was amended upon adoption to include maintenance of gravel driveways. The language of the adoption of the IPMC and its amendments can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Applicable Ordinance: 10-601. Copies of the currently adopted IPMC by the City of Norman are available at the Pioneer Library System.

Interior Violations

When the City receives a complaint about an interior property maintenance violation, the assigned inspector will set up an appointment with the occupant to make an inspection. If there is reason to believe an interior inspection is required without a current tenant, a notice is sent to the owner via USPS certificate of mailing, and the property is posted. The owner has ten (10) days from the date of the letter to contact Code Compliance and to schedule an internal inspection. If the owner does not schedule the inspection, charges are filed. If the inspection is scheduled by the owner or allowed by the tenant, an inspection is accomplished and a list of any required repairs are documented and sent to the owner via USPS certificate of mailing. The owner is given a reasonable amount of time to make the required repairs based on the amount and types of repairs necessary in order to achieve compliance. If the required repairs are not completed, charges are filed. Interior inspections of owner occupied residential dwellings will only occur with the voluntary cooperation of the owner or agent of the owner.

Exterior Violations

An initial inspection is accomplished by the inspector due to a complaint or by proactive enforcement. If a violation exists, the owner is notified by violation letter via USPS certificate of mailing, and the property is posted. The owner is given a specific amount of time based on the type of violation in order to make the required repairs, which is generally 60-90 days. If the required repairs are not completed, charges are filed.

*Note about mold*:  The awareness of mold in homes has become more prevalent in recent years. Only visible mold is a violation of the IPMC. Neither the city, nor any other governmental agency at any level, currently has any program that regulates or monitors for mold in homes that is not clearly visible. However we would like to provide educational information to assist homeowners and tenants on this issue. A brochure prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency titled " A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home" should be helpful in addressing mold issues. This guide provides information and guidance for homeowners and tenants on how to clean up residential mold and how to prevent mold growth.