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Code Compliance - Complaints - Off-Street Parking

Off-Street Parking

When the City determines that a violation exists the property occupant or owner is notified of the violation in one of two ways:

1. A 24 hour notice placed on the property or the offending vehicle, or

2. A letter is mailed to the occupant or owner, allowing between 48 hours and 10 days to comply, depending upon the applicable ordinance requirements.

If the property or a vehicle on the property has been previously warned, or has not complied after being warned, an off-street parking citation is issued to the vehicle, or charges are filed against the occupant or owner of the property. A warning is not required for the first offense, but is given as a courtesy. Even if it is a different vehicle than the one warned, only one warning is issued per property. If a warning is received, it is up to that person to notify all other occupants or visitors at the property.

Applicable Code: 22-431.7