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Code Compliance

Code Compliance is a section of the Planning Department and is responsible for inspecting and enforcing health and safety codes outlined in the City Code of Ordinances. Additionally, Code Compliance also enforces sign ordinances, zoning ordinances, and the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). Code Compliance Inspectors respond to complaints and also proactively patrol the city for code violations. If a violation is found, the responsible party is contacted and given a specific time frame to correct the violation. If the responsible party fails to correct the violation, the City can abate the violation and/or assess penalties as defined by the specific code.

Penalties for failure to comply include, but are not limited to, abatement fees, fines from violations filed in municipal court, and liens filed against the affected property if abatement fees are not paid.

If you wish to submit a complaint for investigation by a Code Compliance Inspector, please call 366-5332 or click here to file an online complaint.