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Municipal Parking Lot opened in Campus Corner area Feb. 25

A new Municipal Parking Lot located at 710 Asp Avenue opened to the public Monday morning providing much-needed alleviation to parking strains in the Campus Corner area.

This pay-by-the-space parking lot is the first project planned using the 2018 Parking Study, which was developed in collaboration with Cleveland County, Campus Corner Merchants and the Norman Downtowner’s Association to address the area’s growing parking needs. 

The parking lot features 61 spaces and three van-accessible disabled spots that can be paid for using a state-of-the-art meter system. Customers will be able to pay at one of the two multi-space pay stations located at each end of the lot using coins, credit or debit cards, or by cell phone through the Whoosh! app. This is the same app used for other parking lots around Norman and the University of Oklahoma campus. 

Parking fees are $1 per hour from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and free after hours and on Sunday. This is consistent with the rates at the single space parking meters on Campus Corner.

Questions regarding the operation of the new pay stations can be directed to David Riesland, traffic engineer, at 329-0528 or by email at


parking lot sign

Pictured: A sign advertising indicating the new pay-to-park lot stands in the corner of the new Municipal Lot. The facility offers 61 spaces and 3 van-accessible disabled spots. 


pay station

Pictured: One of two multi-space pay stations that are located at either end of the new Municipal Parking Lot. The state-of-the-art system accepts payment by coins, card or through the Whoosh! app.