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Norman Center City Vision - Center City Formed-Based Code

The purpose of the City Center Vision (CCV) is to develop a vision and plan that will provide guidance and regulations for future development and redevelopment of the Central City. The project will reset the conversation from specific ad hoc projects to a broader vision and acknowledge, recognize and honor the work done previously by the community.

The City of Norman has held public meetings to obtain public comments and questions about the draft of the Code. You can follow the progress and learn more about the project, including the project area map. 

What is form-based code?

A form-based code is a land development regulation that fosters predictable built results and a high-quality public realm by using physical form (rather than separation of uses) as the organizing principle for the code. A form-based code is a regulation, not a mere guidelines, adopted into city, town, or county law.

Form-based codes address the relationship between building facades and the public realm, the form and mass of bulidings in relation to one another, and the scale and types of streets and blocks. The regulations and standards in form-based codes are presented in both words and clearly drawn diagrams and other visuals. They are keyed to a regulating plan that designates the appropriate form and scale (and therefore, character) of development, rather than only distinctions in land-use types.  (From the Form-Based Codes Institute