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Fire Department

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Norman Fire Department

** We will be accepting applications for Firefighter Recruit beginning February 8, 2016.

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Station 9 Rendering


The Norman Fire Department is committed to the efficient delivery of quality, safety, and protective services to the citizens of Norman

Welcome to the Norman Fire Department, a dedicated fire and rescue organization serving a dynamic and growing Norman, Oklahoma a community of over 107,000 citizens. We serve an area of 194 square miles within our city limits, which includes a mixture of dense urban and sparse rural areas. Norman is located 20 miles south of Oklahoma City on Interstate 35 and is home to the University of Oklahoma.

The Norman Fire Department was officially organized, April 17, 1894, when a handful of courageous and caring men joined forces to provide the first fire protection to the citizens of Norman. Although nearly every aspect of the Fire Service has changed many times during the past century, there has been one constant in the Norman Fire Department, Norman Firefighters continue to be a courageous and caring group of people.

We're working together to provide excellent fire service with a focus very clearly on our community. Let us hear from you we appreciate open dialogue. We are anxious to study, to share, and to improve the service we provide to our citizens.

*NFD Smoke detector program*