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Controlled Burn Permits

The City of Norman Fire Department has a new Website

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The Norman Fire Department permits burning of agricultural products (trees, bushes, leaves, etc) in areas zoned agricultural and for site development. Citizens must contact the Fire Department prior to any burning to ensure the state/county/city is not under a "Red Flag Alert" or that conditions are unlikely to aid fire spread beyond materials to be burned.

Burning for site development is different in nature and therefore must be completed under additional requirements. Burning brush to clear land has higher amounts of agricultural material most often close to existing developed land that can be a nuisance. Therefore, burning for land clearing must be completed with the use of an air curtain, unless the Office of the Fire Marshal grants permission to do other wise. The material is placed into a pit in the ground and the air curtain supplies combustion air. In doing so, the material burns quicker and combustion is more complete and produces little to no smoke.