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Current City of Norman Council Agendas.

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2019-07-23 City Council Meeting Agenda194.53 KB
2019-07-23 City Council Conference Agenda9.87 KB
2019-07-16 City Council Study Session Agenda141.79 KB
2019-07-09 City Council Meeting Agenda199.8 KB
2019-07-09 City Council Conference Agenda Packet2.78 MB
2019-07-02 Swearing In Ceremony Agenda163.76 KB
2019-07-02 Boards and Commissions Invitation88.75 KB
2019-06-25 City Council Meeting Agenda220.1 KB
2019-06-25 City Council Conference Agenda Packet3.28 MB
2019-06-18 City Council Study Session Agenda144.24 KB
2019-06-18 City Council Special Session Agenda46.33 KB
2019-06-11 City Council Special Session Agenda46.91 KB
2019-06-11 City Council Meeting Agenda190.73 KB
2019-06-04 City Council Study Session Agenda144.65 KB
2019-05-28 City Council Meeting Agenda197.29 KB
2019-05-28 City Council Conference Agenda621.63 KB
2019-05-21 City Council Study Session Agenda139.08 KB
2019-05-14 City Council Study Session Packet Agenda1.61 MB
2019-05-14 City Council Meeting Agenda219.58 KB
2019-05-07 City Council Study Session Agenda142.34 KB
2019-05-02 City Council Special Session Agenda41.74 KB
2019-04-30 City Council Study Session Agenda139.1 KB
2019-04-23 City Council Meeting Agenda - AMENDED200.12 KB
2019-04-23 City Council Capital Budget Study Session Agenda139.06 KB
2019-04-16 City Council Study Session Agenda139.41 KB
2019-04-09 City Council Meeting Agenda206.98 KB
2019-04-09 City Council Conference - Cancelled7.08 KB
2019-04-09 City Council Special Session Agenda42 KB
2019-04-04 City Council Study Session Agenda140.79 KB
2019-04-02 City Council Special Session Agenda45.38 KB
2019-03-28 CPCT Joint Agenda Packet Amended103.03 MB
2019-03-26 City Council Special Session Agenda41.77 KB
2019-03-26 City Council Meeting Agenda192.93 KB
2019-03-19 City Council Study Session - Cancelled8.21 KB
2019-03-12 City Council Meeting Agenda - Amended193.21 KB
2019-03-12 City Council Conference Packet (2)71.43 KB
2019-03-05 Special Session Agenda157.74 KB
2019-02-26 CC Meeting Agenda Amended205.88 KB
2019-02-26 CC Budget Retreat amended949.51 KB
2019-02-21 CC Joint Study Session Agenda9.34 KB
2019-02-19 CC Special Session Agenda157.5 KB
2019-02-12 City Council Meeting Agenda201.26 KB
2019-02-12 CC Conference Agenda5.66 MB
2019-02-05 CC Special Session Agenda30.61 KB
2019-01-29 Special Session Agenda154.29 KB
2019-01-29 City Council Study Session Agenda141.46 KB
2019-01-22 City Council Conference Agenda5.86 MB
2019-01-22 CC Meeting Agenda223.77 KB
2019-01-17 CC Study Session8.72 KB
2019-01-15 CC Special Session Agenda160.97 KB
2019-01-08 City Council Meeting Agenda amended224.02 KB
2019-01-08 City Council Conference1.86 MB
2019-01-01 City Council Study Session - Cancelled8.22 KB
Contains 53 files totaling 131.07 MB in size.