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Current City of Norman Council Agendas.

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2017-01-03 SS agenda_0136.85 KB
2017-01-03 SS agenda136.85 KB
2016_12_13 CORRECTED CC Conference12.69 KB
2016-12-27 City Coucil Meeting - Cancelled R-1617-58285.98 KB
2016-12-27 City Coucil Conference - Cancelled R-1617-58285.99 KB
2016-12-20 City Council Study Session137.29 KB
2016-12-13 City Council Meeting Packet217.5 KB
2016-12-13 City Council Conference Agenda12.61 KB
2016-12-06 Study Session Agenda135.93 KB
2016-11-29 Study Session Agenda136.9 KB
2016-11-22 City Council Conference Packet888.34 KB
2016-11-22 City Council Conference Agenda11.49 KB
2016-11-22 City Council Agenda186.89 KB
2016-11-17 Study Session - Public Meeting Packet22.42 MB
2016-11-15 City Council Budget Retreat Packet14.18 MB
2016-11-08 City Council Conference Packet13.48 MB
2016-11-08 City Council Agenda206.71 KB
2016-11-01 Study Session Agenda136.24 KB
2016-10-4 SS CANCELLED- National Night Out_025.47 KB
2016-10-27 CPTC Packet5.28 MB
2016-10-25 City Council Agenda - Amended214.39 KB
2016-10-25 City Council Agenda208.65 KB
2016-10-25 CC Conference Packet - AMENDED2.41 MB
2016-10-25 CC Conference Agenda11.95 KB
2016-10-25 CC Conference11.95 KB
2016-10-18 SS Agenda Packet135.75 KB
2016-10-18 SS Agenda135.05 KB
2016-10-18 City Council Study Session Agenda135.75 KB
2016-10-18 CC Special Session Agenda231.31 KB
2016-10-11 City Council Meeting Agenda190.72 KB
2016-10-11 City Council Conference Agenda8.52 KB
2016-09-27 CC Special Session Agenda295.6 KB
2016-09-27 CC Meeting Agenda Packet207.9 KB
2016-09-27 CC Conference Agenda Packet2.82 MB
2016-09-20 Study Session Agenda135.98 KB
2016-09-13 City Council Meeting Agenda198.42 KB
2016-09-13 CC Conference8.08 KB
2016-09-12 CC Retreat - Annual Planning Session8.68 KB
2016-09-06 Study Session - Cancelled7.58 KB
2016-08-30 Study Session - Cancelled7.57 KB
2016-08-23 City Council Meeting Agenda185.13 KB
2016-08-23 CC Special Session Agenda336.32 KB
2016-08-16 SS agenda135.76 KB
2016-08-09 City Council Meeting Agenda211.11 KB
2016-08-09 City Council Conference Agenda7.99 KB
2016-08-06 City Council Retreat Agenda6.48 KB
2016-08-05 City Council Retreat Agenda6.48 KB
2016-08-02 Study Session Agenda136.45 KB
2016-07-26 City Council Meeting Agenda192.36 KB
2016-07-26 City Council Conference Packet14.3 MB
2016-07-20 City Council Conference Agenda8.63 KB
2016-07-19 Study Session Agenda - Revised_0136.64 KB
2016-07-19 Study Session Agenda - Revised136.64 KB
2016-07-19 Special Session Agenda311.61 KB
2016-07-12 City Council Conference Packet5.54 MB
2016-07-12 City Council Agenda_0199.92 KB
2016-07-05 CC Agenda157.62 KB
2016-06-28 City Council Meeting Agenda199.37 KB
2016-06-28 City Council Conference Packet_02.94 MB
2016-06-28 City Council Conference Packet2.94 MB
2016-06-22 City Council Conference - Interim Ward 5 Candidate Interviews24.32 KB
2016-06-21 Special Session Agenda57.49 KB
2016-06-14 City Council Special Session Agenda59.37 KB
2016-06-14 City Council Meeting Agenda200.59 KB
2016-06-14 City Council Conference Agenda11.48 KB
2016-06-07 Study Session Agenda11.32 KB
2016-06-07 Special Session Agenda161.06 KB
2016-06-02 City Council Conference Agenda - Storm Water Utility11.01 KB
2016-05-31 Study Session - CANCELLED7.69 KB
2016-05-24 City Council Conference Agenda - Storm Water Utility11.04 KB
2016-05-24 City Council Agenda204.62 KB
2016-05-19 Conference Agenda - Storm Water Utility11.04 KB
2016-05-17 Study Session Agenda134.92 KB
2016-05-10 City Council Conference Packet2.69 MB
2016-05-10 City Council Agenda210.62 KB
2016-05-05 City Council Conference Agenda - Storm Water Utility8.41 KB
2016-05-03 Study Session Agenda134.94 KB
2016-04-28 Study Session Agenda8.45 KB
2016-04-28 City Council Agenda192.4 KB
2016-04-21City Council Conference Packet - Storm Water14.08 MB
2016-04-19 Study Session Agenda136.2 KB
2016-04-12 City Council Conference Agenda11.62 KB
2016-04-12 City Council Agenda205.58 KB
2016-04-05 Study Session134.29 KB
2016-03-29 Special Session Agenda55.36 KB
2016-03-22 City Council Conference Agenda_06.73 KB
2016-03-22 City Council Agenda199.76 KB
2016-03-15 City Council Study Session - CANCELLED13.3 KB
2016-03-08 Special Session Agenda58.99 KB
2016-03-08 City Council Agenda_0185.92 KB
2016-03-01 Study Session Agenda136.31 KB
2016-02-23 City Council Budget Retreat Agenda8.12 KB
2016-02-23 City Council Agenda229.6 KB
2016-02-16 City Council Study Session Agenda134.62 KB
2016-02-09 City Council Conference Packet3.85 MB
2016-02-09 City Council Agenda188.7 KB
2016-02-02 Study Session Agenda134.81 KB
2016-01-26 City Council Conference Packet13.4 MB
2016-01-26 City Council Agenda188.86 KB
2016-01-19 City Council Study Session Packet7.85 MB
2016-01-12 Special Session Agenda_060.16 KB
2016-01-12 City Council Agenda_0195.61 KB
2016-01-05 SS Agenda Packet_26.07 MB
Contains 103 files totaling 145.23 MB in size.