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HR Safety

Brandon McLendon
Safety Manager

A safe work environment is critical to providing excellent service and a workplace that values the health of employees.

  • We conduct safety inspections of City operations to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and to identify unsafe work conditions and practices.
  • We provide safety training to prevent employee injuries and property damage.  Training programs include hazard communication, fall protection, confined workspace, traffic barricading and proper use of personal protective equipment, etc.  We also provide consultative services to assist City operations with safety-related problems.  This includes regulation interpretation, work practice review, accident trend analysis, loss prevention recommendations, etc.
  • We investigate vehicle and equipment accidents to determine cause and responsibility, and make recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Our staff performs annual driver's license record checks of employees in positions that require driving.


It is the primary mission of the Safety Division to coach and train all City employees to provide municipal services in a manner that minimizes worksite hazards, prevent injuries to people and damage to property and equipment.

It is also the mission of this division to ensure that the citizens are protected from potential hazards that may be caused by the City employees engaged in service operations.


  • Inspect all City of Norman worksite structures annually, to remove workplace hazards.
  • Continue to develop effective safety committees and practices for each department.
  • Continue to provide opportunities for employees that will improve their personal wellness.


  • Conduct regulatory compliance/hazard assessment inspections on every City building each year.
  • Mentor departmental safety committees for all departments.
  • Provide formal instruction to operations for employees to ensure that they are trained in correct trenching and shoring operations, confined space operations, traffic safety, operational risk assessment, vehicle operation and regulatory compliance.