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HR Recruiting

Jackie Crumrine
Training & Development Manager

Tiffany Morris
Employment Technician

Through recruiting, testing and interviewing, we identify qualified applicants to fill job vacancies at all levels within the City organization.  This is accomplished by developing recruitment plans, identifying appropriate labor markets, composing and placing advertisements, screening all applications, and developing valid job-related testing and evaluation instruments in compliance with local and federal guidelines.  Qualified applicants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their employment strengths through their ability to successfully pass each phase of the selection process.  The end results is an eligible list of final candidates for consideration by the hiring supervisor.  Assistance to all our operating departments is provided by screening for the most qualified candidates, conducting background investigations, writing interview questions, identifying qualified, diverse interview panel board members; providing interview panel instruction and information packets, and conducting testing and board interviews.  The Training & Development Manager performs this work and provides on-the-spot assistance on the day of the interviews, often participating as a panel board member.  Additional background investigations, insuring that criteria is met for conditions of employment and final offers are made through this function.  The Training & Development Manager represents the City organization at various job and career fairs sponsored by local agencies and educational institutions.

The application area is staffed by an Employment Technician and is the applicant's "first stop" for customers seeking information on City employment and career opportunites.  Applicants experience seamless "first-hand" customer service by reviewing our job announcement board, taking screening tests and receiving application packets and information regarding our application and selection process.  Applicants may also utilize the website , job information telephone line maintained by the Staff or the local cable channel.  Job announcements are posted and distributed internally and to external resources.  Extensive recruitment and hiring databases are maintained.


  • Support City organizational goals by managing training and development to bring about changes in people and processes that improve employee job performance and so contribute to the organization’s current and future business objectives including financial performance, quality, customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and resource planning.
  • Raise the quality of the City workforce by initiating recruiting and selection strategies that result in the placement of highly qualified individuals who have the educational background, competencies, and/or training potential to perform at above average levels.
  • Provide an orientation that will promote "bonding" between the employee and the City organization.
  • Demonstrate a "we care" attitude; communicate and support the roles of the Human Resources Department staff, City management, and employees in the human resource process.

Design, manage and provide training programs and development courses for management, supervisory, support staff, and other employees. Administer new employee orientation. Oversee the recruitment and selection of applicants for employment with the City of Norman, ensuring compliance with federal laws and regulations as well as the City of Norman’s Personnel Manual and union contracts.


  • Provide systematic training and development programs which promote and develop effective leadership, promote management and employee participation and accountability, performance improvement and advancement potential.
  • Identify and develop recruiting sources to attract highly qualified applicants.
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of selection devices that will identify most qualified and best-suited applicants more accurately, fairly, and consistently.
  • Provide all the basic information new employees need to perform efficiently, effectively, and safely on the job.


  • Training and Development: Design and provide management development and supervisory training programs for upper and mid-level managers and front-line supervisors. Develop and implement long-term competency/performance based training and/or certification programs for lead and non-supervisory employees and support staff. Provide long-term basic educational programs aimed at improving reading, writing and math skills. Consult with our management team on issues of human performance improvement. Consistently improve training and develop programs by combination of systematic approaches including needs assessment and evaluation of Return On Investment (ROI) through cost benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis. Provide library of Training & Development (T & D) resource materials for self-study.
  • Recruitment and Selection: Expand recruitment methods by initiating alternative recruitment strategies. Implement through pre-employment physical assessments and background investigations customized for work groups. Implement tracking and reporting procedures. Audit and enhance selection process; provide interview and assessment training. Integrate human resource planning with T&D efforts.
  • Orientation: Develop and provide and expanded employee orientation to include extensive safety presentation. Promote "sponsorship" program and provide new employee follow-up.