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Meter Readers


  • 1 - Supervisor
  • 2 - Utility Service Representatives
  • 4 - Meter Readers

As of December 31, 2014, there were 36,750 water meters. Meter Readers are responsible for reading between 350 to 450 meters per day. They also do rereads.

The Utility Service Representative is responsible for:

  • Turning Water On and Off
  • Getting Customer Rereads

One Service Representative is responsible for working on the west side of Norman and the other is for the east side of Norman.

Some reasons for meters being mis-read:

  • Human Error
  • Foggy Dial
  • Dirty Dial
  • Glass Broken
  • Moisture in Dial
  • Scratched Dial
  • Time of Year
  • Weather
  • Tree Limbs by Meter
  • Bushes

Meter Reader Truck

Meter Reader Truck