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Sustainable Yard of the Month


The Environmental Control Advisory Board (ECAB) in Norman, OK offers a monthly award to recognize citizens that have demonstrated exceptional practices and effort in sustainability when caring for their property. Norman citizens can apply by filling out an electronic application, mailing it to Debra Smith, City of Norman, P.O. Box 370, Norman, OK 73070  or by emailing your application to Each application must include your name, address, contact information, pictures of the property, and a description of your sustainable efforts to be eligible.


The sustainable yard of the month is based on the following criteria:

  • Biodiversity. Applicants are judged on the variety of vegetation and diverse ecology on their property.
  • Native Vegetation. Applicants will be evaluated on the presence of native vegetation as well as the natural mitigation of invasive species. 
  • Pollinators. Applicants are encouraged to attract pollinators like butterflies and bees by planting suitable host plants.
  • Water Conservation. Applicants are judged on their ability to conserve water on their property through the use of water catch systems, low-flow irrigation, drought tolerant plants, and more.

Applicants are scored on a scale of 1-5 in each category, a potential max score of 20 points.
The applicants with the highest scores are reviewed and voted on by ECAB to determine the monthly winner.


The winner of the Sustainable Yard of the Month award will:

  • Receive a garden gift from ECAB or a partnering local business.
  • be featured on the city of Norman Facebook page by either photo or video.     
  • receive $25 cash reward (after nominating someone else)

If you have any questions,