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Street Maintenance


Street Maintenance is responsible for the management, maintenance and construction improvemments of streets, alleys, bridges, culverts and their associated systems. Related activities include snow removal, ice control and repairs to maintain roadway conditions within approved pavement management criteria. Street Maintenance exists to provide safe, well drained, durable streets, effective pavement management and responsive emergency services to all citizens of Norman and their visitors.


  • Provide for the management, maintenance and construction of street and drainage systems.
  • Respond to citizen requests.
  • Maintenance of Portland cement concrete, asphalt concrete, chip-sealed streets and aggregate surfaced rural roads.
  • Surface and roadside maintenance for approximately 20 miles of aggregate surfaced rural public roads.
  • Patch potholes within 24 hours of notificatoin.
  • Provides maintenance and reconstruction/repair of the City's streets and roadways including roadbed drainage, bridges and culverts.
  • Provides emergency disaster response related to flooding, winter storms, severe storms and non-hazardous material chemical spills.
  • Coordinates rural roadway improvement projects with Cleveland County.

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