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Recycling Program Outline

Program Outline and Guidelines

  • Each residence will be provided one 95 gallon polycart. The containers furnished are, and shall remain, the property of The City of Norman.
  • Customer shall be responsible for loss or damage to recycling container.
  • Replacements or additional containers may be purchased from the City's Sanitation Department by calling 329-1023
  • Bins with recyclable materials should be placed no more than 2 feet from the curb, leaving at least 2-3 ft. clearance on all sides.
  • The Holiday schedule for recycling will follow the same as City trash collection.
  • Please adhere to the acceptable items explained on the "Guidelines" web page.
  • Customer complaints should be directed to the City and promptly resolved by Republic Services in accordance with the contract.
  • Please note that Norman's 3 current drop off centers will remain open.
  • For residents requiring special needs, please contact the City of Norman Sanitation Department at 329-1023