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Municipal Court

3/25/2020 UPDATED

Municipal Court is operating as normal during business hours.  If you were already docketed for a court session in April or May, you should have already received a letter with a new date.  If you have not received a letter, please contact the Court at 405-366-5325.  Thank you.


Press Release

Beginning June 1, 2020 and going through June 30, 2020, the City of Norman will conduct a Municipal Warrant Forgiveness Program. This will serve as a leniency program for individuals with warrants in the City of Norman Municipal Court.  These individuals will have a limited opportunity to resolve their warrant(s) without the fear of being arrested on them.   

According to Ronda Guerrero, the Municipal Court Administrator, “A warrant may be issued for an individual’s arrest if they failed to appear in court for a scheduled court date or if they failed to pay all fines and costs assessed by the Judge.” All fines and costs assessed on Failure to Appear charges will be waived by the Norman Municipal Court during this forgiveness period; however, the fines and costs related to the underlying charges will not be waived.  As such, participation in the “Forgiveness Program” will create a minimum savings of $359.00 for each defendant charged with a Failure to Appear.

Presiding Judge David Poarch added, “We are offering a window of opportunity for individuals with warrants to clear their record. Failure to address these matters creates the constant possibility of being jailed.  For example, an individual driving with a warrant may be stopped by police for a minor traffic violation but once the officer discovers the outstanding warrant by running their record, will be immediately arrested and jailed, if unable to post bond.”

Norman Municipal Court is located at 201-B West Gray, Norman, Oklahoma.  During the Forgiveness period, defendants may appear in person at Municipal Court and resolve the warrant by: 1) paying any outstanding fines and costs from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) or 2) for those who cannot pay immediately, seeing a judge Monday through Friday at 3:30 p.m.  Payments can be made by cash, money order, cashier’s check, or by credit/debit card.  No personal checks will be accepted on outstanding municipal warrants.

To confirm if you have an outstanding warrant or citation, please check the City of Norman’s website at You can change the search criteria to search by name and date of birth or driver’s license to locate any outstanding citations.  If you received a warrant before July 2000 or have other questions, please contact Municipal Court at (405) 366-5325.


To provide equal justice for all, to protect the rights of the victim and defendant, and if the defendant is convicted, assess a penalty which will deter the defendant and others from similar conduct which acts to the ultimate welfare of the entire community and reflecting judicial administration at its best.

Photo of Ronda Guerro


The Municipal Criminal Court of Norman is the Judicial Branch of city government and is created by state law and city ordinance as a court not of record to impartially hear violations of city ordinances. The Court processes misdemeanor traffic and non-traffic offenses as well as parking violations. Charges can be filed by police officers, other city officials such as code enforcement, animal welfare, fire personnel, and citizens of the community. The maximum penalty in Municipal Court is $750 and/or 60 days in jail.

The Mayor and City Council appoint the Presiding, Associate, and Acting judges for two-year terms. The Court Administrator serves as the Department Head and Chief Administrative Officer of the Court and supervises all non-judicial divisions.

The Service and Operation's Division of the Court is the heart of the operation of the Court, and is staffed by the Chief Deputy Court Clerk and seven Deputy Clerks who serve on a full time basis. This division provides administrative support to the Judicial Division of the Court and is responsible for all docketing of cases, record keeping of cases filed, and related reports. This division assists the Judicial Division in recording the proceedings of the Court and in preparing writs, processes and other papers as required. This division gives receipts for all fines, forfeitures, and fees payable to the Court, deposits the fines with the Finance Department, and prepares necessary fiscal reports.

The Support Services Division is staffed by students who are part time employees. The marshal positions are filled by law students. They prepare the Court for Court sessions, assist the Judges of the Court and the Court Administrator during Court sessions, supervise prisoners during arraignment, and generally assist in maintaining decorum in the courtroom. They also serve subpoenas issued by the Court.

One of the Marshals serves as the Hearing officer. The Hearing Officer interviews those persons who are unable to pay their fines and costs, determines their ability to pay, and makes a recommendation to the Judge as to the resolution of the payment requirement.

More citizens come in contact with the judicial system through municipal courts than any other court, and the personnel of the Municipal Court of Norman endeavor to present an image to the citizens of Norman, in substance as well as form, which is reflective of judicial administration at its best. The Court is committed to the proposition that its function is to see equal justice provided to all. In light of that, the Court is dedicated to protecting the rights of the individual citizen accused of a violation, yet, upon conviction assessing a penalty which will deter the offender from similar conduct, therefore acting for the ultimate welfare of the entire community.