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Maintenance Program

Blue Seal of Excellence

A monthly Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule is published during the last week of the month for the upcoming month, based on miles or hours and/or length of time since last service. Average time frame of 5,000 miles or 12 weeks for vehicles, or 250 hours or 10 weeks for equipment. Units (vehicles and/or equipment) are highlighted for transmission services every other preventative service. During PM service, an oil analysis is taken to predetermine and prevent engine failure and to monitor service intervals.

A weekly review of all scheduled services is completed and notice of reschedule is sent to any division for a missed service.

Fleet staff uses several check sheets during the course of business. Most commonly used is the "Fleet Vehicle Repair Order" sheet. Each time an employee brings a unit (vehicle and/or equipment) to Fleet, they are required to complete this form. There are several items that the employee may check to bring to the attention one of the Shop Floor Supervisors and an area for any additional comments. This allows the Supervisor to prioritize shop floor work throughout the course of the day. 

Used in conjunction with the "Fleet Vehicle Repair Order" sheet is a "Fleet Vehicle Inspection Checklist" sheet. This form is used each time a unit comes in for a PM Service. There are 47 items that are required to be checked by the mechanic. Any items found to be defective during the PM Service and inspections are noted for repair by the mechanic. 

Fleet staff also uses a "Fleet Vehicle Inspection Report" check sheet to notify Departments/Division of the unit's overall condition. This form is also used when determining unit replacement (along with the Vehicle Replacement Analysis Report). The overall physical and mechanical condition is ranked: "excellent", "good", "fair", "poor" and/or "abused". This allows Fleet Management to provide documentation to a Department when a unit is deemed unfit for service, monitored for possible future replacement, and/or operator error is causing unnecessary wear/tear on a unit. 

A "Vehicle Daily Inspection Checklist" form is also used throughout the City of Norman. This form is required to be completed by each operator prior to using any vehicle or equipment. Each Department/Division must retain this form on file until the unit has undergone its PM Service, at which time, the prior forms may be removed from file. It is the intent that operators will notify Fleet of any defects found, prior to use, and the determination can be made as to whether the unit is safe to operate or is in need of repairs. 

When a new unit is delivered to Fleet Management, a "Vehicle Checklist - New” form is used. This form requires specific information that aids personnel who enter the unit into our computer system and when ordering parts for that unit. 

For transportation requests by Division, an "Equipment Transport Work Order" form is used. The division wanting to transport equipment to/from a work site are to fill out the form and return it to the appropriate Shop Floor Supervisor. This enables the Supervisor to effectively route the Field Service Mechanic II while ensuring the Division receives the unit in a timely manner. By using the