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Juvenile Offenders


In 1992 an Oklahoma law went into effect which allows a Municipal Court to assume jurisdiction from District Court of cases involving children under 18 years of age charged with violating non-traffic municipal ordinances. As a result of this law the City of Norman has created the Juvenile Offender Program. The goal of the program is to reduce juvenile crime in Norman.

The juvenile defendants must appear within five days of the date of the violation for the purpose of scheduling a conference session with an assistant city attorney and a subsequent court date for appearance before a judge. In some violations, the defendant may elect to pay an administrative fine and costs and waive his or her right to court. (See table below) At the conference session the assistant city attorney and the defendant agree on the mitigating factors that the defendant will do before their scheduled court date. These factors may include community service, attending a First Offenders Program, drug evaluations, drug testing, and letters of apology to parents and victims.

Juvenile Administrative Payments

Violation - 1st Offence / 2nd Offense

  • Curfew - $275.00 / $325.00
  • Tobacco - $175.00 / $275.00
  • Littering - $275.00 / $325.00

Upon the defendant's appearance in court, the defendant may be fined or placed on probation depending on the nature of the violation, the defendant's past record, and the completion of the mitigating factors.

The program allows the community to become involved in youth offenses at an early stage and have a positive impact on the outcome. The Juvenile Offender Program is intended to be beneficial to the youth and serve as deterrent to future and continued undesirable activities.