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Hispanic Month


Is Norman an inclusive community? Do all of our citizens feel respected and represented? Tell us what you think about Norman.

Residents of Norman are invited to meet and talk about those questions and related issues at a public Inclusive Community Discussion scheduled for 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Monday, October 26th, at St. Joseph’s Parish Center, 421 East Acres, Norman. The meeting will be open to the public and all interested community members are invited and encouraged to attend. Local representatives of the National Issues Forum and members of the City of Norman Human Rights Commission will assist with the meeting. Participants will have the choice of participating in small group discussions led in English or Spanish.

"This is Norman’s third Inclusive Community Discussion and we look forward to continuing to provide the chance for all of Norman’s voices to be heard. Our goal with each of these conversations has been to provide a safe and respectful place for people to discuss how we as a community can encourage the participation and contributions of all of our residents to making Norman a strong and inclusive place to live and work and raise families," said Mayor Cindy Rosenthal. "A central goal is to identify those areas where we can make Norman a more welcoming community.

"This particular Inclusive Community Discussion follows shortly after the conclusion of Hispanic Heritage Month and we are making a better attempt than we have in the past to invite and make welcome the Latino and Latina members of our community who have much to contribute to the conversation," said Lisa Schmidt, Chair of the Norman Human Rights Commission. "All Norman residents are invited and welcome to attend to discuss issues of importance to all of us who take pride in Norman and who want to work to make even more opportunities available to all of our citizens." Topics to be discussed include education, public safety, housing, employment and economic opportunities, and social services. Information will also be available about various opportunities and services including the upcoming census count, plans for an Inclusive Community Discussion in east Norman in the spring of 2010, and nominations for the 2009 Norman Human Rights Award.

For more information or to indicate that you plan to attend, please call the City of Norman at 366-5404 or St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at 321-8080, or contact Robert Ruiz, Human Rights Commission, at