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Fleet Division

Blue Seal of Excellence

Fleet Division

The mission of the Public Works Fleet Division is to provide safe, economical state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly transportation and service to allow departments to fulfill their official duties and to ensure the City’s Public Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Facility remains open to the public 24 hours a day. Fleet Administration uses a computer program, FASTER Fleet Asset Solutions, to ensure accurate technician productivity, repair types, work orders, parts issued, inventory, fuel, and equipment replacement needs are posted. In addition, FuelMaster is a fuel management system utilized by the Fleet Division to track usage of CNG, Unleaded, and Diesel. FuelMaster allows the Fleet Division to report accurate bi-weekly usage of public and private sector use of CNG to the Internal Revenue Division for tax purposes.

Division Description

There are 23 employees within the Fleet Administration and Fleet Repair Sub-Divisions providing the administrative, logistical, and mechanical support to all City Departments who operate City owned equipment and vehicles and for the public and private sector who utilize Norman’s CNG Fueling Facility.

Fleet Administration is responsible for establishing citywide budget figures based on a five year average usage for the coming fiscal year with regards to the internal fuel, parts, and sublet repair accounts. Fleet Administration staff establishes capital funds by awarding bids and/or using state contracts relating to the acquisition of new equipment and vehicles.

The Fleet Repair Sub-Divisions support the City Departments and agencies in the delivery of municipal services by ensuring that City vehicles and equipment are available, dependable, and safe to operate in a timely manner.  The shop Supervisors are responsible for prioritizing equipment repairs to ensure all departments have a safe and ample amount of equipment available at all times. The Supervisors oversee the day to day operations, provide for the health, welfare, and safety of the division employees as it relates to personnel, equipment, shop, and environmental safety. The Fleet Repair Technicians are responsible for the daily maintenance and the periodic repair, including ordering all parts and supplies for the City’s private Unleaded/Diesel Fueling Facility and the private and public sector used CNG Fueling Facility, over 895 vehicles and equipment, along with eighteen generators located throughout Norman to ensure no disruptions to electricity occur for essential divisions during emergencies and natural disasters.

The Preventive Maintenance Program is designed with the intent to “prevent” major repairs before they happen. Vehicles and equipment are scheduled on a routine basis, specifically every 5,000 miles (250 hours for those with meters) or every 6 months, whichever comes first. With the cleaner burning fuel on our CNG vehicles, they are scheduled on a routine basis, specifically every 7,500 miles (500 hours for those with meters) or once a year, whichever comes first.