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Red Canyon Ranch Subdivision

Almost all new roads, water lines, sewer lines and various other land improvements are created by development of private land by companies that already own or have recently purchased property. These companies or “land developers” follow a process to improve the property to eventually sell their investment to new owners. This process dedicates the roads or Right-of-Way to the public for their use as access to their property by owners, friends, and customers. This process also provides for utility services ease of use, protection and repair with dedicated easements.

Since the City of Norman accepts responsibly to maintain roads, safe drinking water, sanitary sewer, and other important services; the developers plan and subsequent construction must meet certain standards to be accepted by the City as a new service area in a development.

Right-of-Way Construction Permit

Construction for new improvement, repair or blocks passage in the public right of way requires a permit to provide for an inspection to ensure public saftey and compliance with set standards of quality. Permits are available at 201-A West Gray at the permit desk.