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Design and Survey

Design and SurveySurvey Crew

The Design and Survey team are a technical support group
that gathers civil engineering data to present to Engineers and Staff to
determine solutions, costs, and plans for multiple projects for design and

Information presented by our staff is in a graphical
format; drawings, charts, and tables and by utilizing digital geographical data
or aerial photography.

Design and Survey also manages
information about past projects (As-Built Plans), which includes capital
projects and subdivision development. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division
uses this data to update the Interactive Norman Map.

Sidewalk Improvement                                          Plan and Profile Sheet

Participation Programs

Citywide Sidewalk Reconstruction

Property owners may apply to receive
financial support to repair damaged sidewalk adjacent to their property. These
funds can also be used to construct a new sidewalk along an entire city block
if 80% of the property owners agree to pay 50% of the construction costs. (Sidewalk Program Application)

Core Area Driveway Repair

This program encourages property
owners to upgrade gravel and deteriorated residential driveways with concrete
in the core area. Property owner are reimbursed for approved work done
by their hired contractor to improve their driveway approach and parking pad.

Participation Program applications are
accepted year round by mail, email, or fax; and available funding is limited to
the current fiscal year budget. (Driveway Application)

Design Projects

Sidewalk Program for Schools and Arterials

This project will construct sidewalks in elementary schools districts that have
no sidewalks and along arterial roads with heavy pedestrian traffic that currently
have no sidewalks. Locations are rated with established criteria to determine project

Downtown Area Sidewalks and Curbs

This project repairs deteriorated sidewalks and curbs in the downtown area. Sites
will be chosen by city staff based on recommendations from the Downtown Merchants

Sidewalk Accessibility

This annual program is to provide wheelchair ramps where none exist and rebuild
existing ramps that do not comply with the American with Disabilities Act. 
With input from interested citizens and neighborhood groups, City Staff
and City Council select the proposed construction sites.  


Bench Marks

This term used in surveying denotes a monument to mark a reference location and
elevation of a point ensuring that it can be used in the future.  These marks
set by licensed registered surveyors help with construction and drainage projects both
public and private. The City of Norman has records of bench marks set by state agencies
and private firms.

City of Norman Benchmark Data:

Benchmark Map   Pages 301-312   Pages 313-324   Pages 325-336   Pages 337-348  

Pages 349-360   Pages 361-372   Pages 373-384   Pages 385-396   Pages 400-409

Some monuments are no longer valid see status: Survey Monument Status

911 Addressing

An essential process for health and safety of citizens is the addressing of development
of new subdivided properties. Design and Survey provides this information to the
Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), Norman Emergency Services,
Permitting Services, Development Services, Utilities, and Postal Services.