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City of Norman Prepared to Keep Roads and Bridges Safe

The City of Norman is prepared to keep local roads and bridges safe today and this weekend during the first round of winter weather. City crews began preparation for the winter weather season in the fall by stockpiling materials such as salt and sand and by preparing equipment such as snow plows and motor graders.  

Motorists are encourages to use the primary snow routes, if possible, as these are the first streets to receive snow removal services. The secondary snow routes are addressed as resources become available.

City staff members also reviewed the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan to ensure that staff resources and equipment are properly prepared and allocated. The current material stockpile includes approximately 3,000 tons of manufactured sand and 1,500 tons of salt. The salt and sand will be mixed in different combinations depending upon the type of winter precipitation that is predicted.  

City crews operate seven tandem axle trucks with salt/sand spreaders, three motor graders, and two one ton trucks with spreaders to work in tight locations. If required, crews consisting of 44 employees will be split into two shifts working twelve hours each. All employees will continue to provide 24 hour a day coverage with the two shifts until it is safe to return to normal operations. 

Every winter storm is different and the method of snow and ice control services depends upon the type and timing of the storm. Ice on the roads, in lieu of snow, is common in Norman. 

Motorists are encouraged to use extra caution during winter weather and to be courteous of snow plow equipment and personnel.

For questions, please call the Public Works/Streets Division at 307-7276.