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Campus Corner Meters

Bid number B-1213-70 was awarded by the Norman City Council on April 23, 2013, to the IPS Group from San Diego, California.  The bid was for the purchase and installation of 159 new individual space "smart" parking meters and parking space sensors in the Campus Corner area (154 were actually installed when meters in the five disabled spaces were removed after April 23).  The new "smart" meters are designed to retrofit into the existing meter housing that existed prior to installation of the new meters thereby keeping costs lower.  Installation began on July 16, 2013, and was completed on August 1, 2013, meeting the schedule requested by the Campus Corner Merchants Association.  Front view, rear view, and side views of the new meters are provided in the images below.

Front View of New Meter   Rear View of New Meter   Side View of New Meter

A Parking Management System Business Plan for the new Campus Corner parking meters was developed under the direction of the City Manager with input from the Council Planning and Transportation Committee and Campus Corner Merchants Association.  The Plan establishes an hourly rate of $1.00 per hour (went into effect and changed from the existing $0.25 per hour on August 2, 2013) with a new time limit for parking (two hours maximum--previously, the maximum by Ordinance was one hour).  Between the hours of 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM, the maximum parking time increases to three hours.   These maximum time limits mean that a vehicle must be moved once the maximum parking time has elapsed.  You may be able to insert payment after this maximum time as elapsed, but you will not be able to receive any additional time for your payment.  If payment is attempted at a meter after a vehicle has been parked for two hours, the meter will accept payment but will not grant any time and the meter will continue to display an expired condition to Enforcement personnel.  The meters are enforced Monday through Saturday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.  Existing commercial loading zones previously established in various parking spaces in three designated areas remain in effect.  A close-up of the front of the meter is provided below along with a close-up of the back of the meter showing the LED lights to aid enforcement (green means that a vehicle is legally parked and red means that a vehicle is illegally parked).

Meter Display   Enforcement LED's

Currently, the meters accept payment in the form of coins, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only), and debit cards.  These payment options are listed on the meter display.  The City is reviewing the potential to add a pay-by-cell phone option.

The IPS Group website has a demonstration video on how to use their new parking meter technology.  Please click on the following link to be directed to the IPS Group website to view this informative video: