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In response to the many requests that have come in to the Traffic Division regarding our Adopt-A-Street program over the years, the Division developed an informational brochure that could be printed and distributed to the inquiring citizens.  To view and/or print this brochure, please click on the following:  Adopt-A-Street Brochure.

What is Adopt-A-Street?

Adopt-A-Street SignThe Adopt-A-Street program is a beautification partnership between the City of Norman and its citizens to remove litter from streets.  The goal is to keep our City cleaner and more safe.

Here's the deal...

Organizations will Adopt-A-Street for a period of two (2) years and recognition signs will be installed on each end of the group's adopted mile of City street.  You and your group pick up litter from your adopted mile at least once every sixty (60) days.  The City provides trash bags, safety vests to wear while you work, as well as, safety training and traffic control devices.  When litter collection is performed, the City will pick up and dispose of your filled trash bags.

Who can help?

Litter CrewAll groups whose members are at least eleven (11) years of age are welcome to take part in this commitment.  Neighborhood associations, civic organizations, businesses, or any group willing to help the environment and appearance of our City by keeping litter off the streets can sign up.

How do I start?

You can download the Adopt-A-Street Application Packet or contact the Traffic Division office at (405) 329-0528 to arrange to get a copy of the packet.  The application process will take about four to six weeks.

The Application Process

Adopt-A-Street ApplicationAfter your group reviews the terms of the agreement, you will choose three alternative City street locations and select a liaison to work with the program coordinator.  You then complete the application and mail or bring it to the Traffic Division, 1311 Da Vinci Street, P.O. Box 370, Norman, Oklahoma 73070.

Then the program coordinator will contact you with your Adopt-A-Street information, set up a safety training session for your group, and you will be ready to begin.  Thank you for your interest!