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A-Z Services Directory C


Cable Television: For billing inquiries, information regarding cable installation or cable repair, call Cox Communications at (405) 600-8282.

Capital Improvements: To find out when public improvements such as street construction, sewers, bridges, etc. are scheduled and how they are to be financed call the City of Norman Public Works Department at (405) 329-2524.

Chamber of Commerce: The Norman Chamber of Commerce telephone number is (405) 321-7260.

Checks: For information on “bad checks” or “insufficient fund checks” contact the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office at (405) 366-0269.

City Clerk: The City Clerk maintains the City's official records. For information call (405) 366-5406, or you may contact the Clerk's office by writing to City Clerk, PO Box 370, Norman, OK 73069.

City Council: To contact any of the City Council, including the Mayor, call the City Clerk’s Office at (405) 366-5406 or the City Manager's Office at (405) 366-5402.

City Information: For general information on your city government, referrals to appropriate departments and personnel, and for answers to questions not found in this guide, call the Action Center at (405) 366-5396. Also, visit the city's internet website at

City Limits: For a map of the City of Norman city limits, visit the Interactive Norman Map.

City Property: For information about City land acquisitions and land inventory, call the City of Norman Planning Division at (405) 366-5433. For information about the purchase of city-owned property, contact the Finance Department at (405) 366-5413.

Claims for Damage: For information about filing a claim for damage against the City (seeking reimbursement for loss or damage resulting from alleged city negligence), contact the City of Norman Legal Department at (405) 217-7700.

Code Enforcement: To report nuisances or code violations on private property (occupied or vacant lots, houses, or other structures), call the City of Norman Code Compliance Inspectors at (405) 366-5332 (See also "Weed Mowing")

Community Theatre: For information about upcoming youth or adult community productions, please call the Sooner Theatre at (405) 321-9600.

Complaints: Have a concern about city services or operations? Please contact the City Manager's Office at (405) 366-5402.

Composting: For information, call the City of Norman Composting Facility at (405) 292-9725.

Concrete Contractor's License: Concrete work on city rights-of- way (such as sidewalks, curbs and driveway approaches) must be done by a licensed and bonded contractor and requires a permit and inspection. For permit information, contact the Public Works Department at (405) 366-5452. To obtain a license, call the Development Services Division at (405) 366-5432.

Construction Projects, City: For information on City (public) construction projects, call the Public Works Department at (405) 366-5452.

Convention Services: Planning services for individuals or groups bringing conventions, reunions, meetings, shows and festivals to Norman are available through the Norman Convention and Visitors Bureau at (800) 767-7260.

Court Cases: If you have questions regarding a court case being heard in the City's Municipal Court or questions regarding Municipal Court dates, call (405) 366-5325. For information on Cleveland County District Court cases, call (405) 321-6402. 

Crime Prevention: For information regarding crime prevention tips and programs, call the City of Norman Police Department at (405) 321-1600.

Crosswalks: (see "Pedestrian Crossings")

Curb Cuts: Only licensed and bonded concrete contractors are authorized to cut or construct curbs, for projects such as driveway installation for example. For information and the required permit, call the City of Norman Development Services Division at (405) 366-5432.