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Retail Marketing Coordinator

The Retail Marketing Coordinator assists in the recruitment, retention and development of retail, restaurant and entertainment venues to effectively grow the sales tax base and improve quality of life in Norman.

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How Does the Retail Marketing Coordinator Assist the Customer?

  • Serving as a point-of-contact for existing and prospective businesses, commercial property owners, real estate brokers, and others
  • Assisting in site location and market analysis for businesses looking to start, relocate, or expand within Norman city limits
  • Working closely with the Development Coordinator and City Staff to help businesses navigate the municipal process from site selection through the construction process, all the way to their opening day and beyond.
  • Actively promoting Norman’s commercial districts through varied marketing efforts at the both the local, regional and national levels.

What Does the Retail Marketing Coordinator Do to Assist with Problems and/or Concerns?

  • Helps troubleshoot issues related to business openings and permitting processes
  • Works to find potential solutions to issues related to City requirements and regulations

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