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Implementation Plan

The NORMAN FORWARD Implementation Plan is a document developed by Architectual Design Group, P.C. (ADG) and City staff, with input from the NORMAN FORWARD Citizen's Financial Oversight Board (CFOB) and City Council. As the City begins moving forward with NORMAN FORWARD projects, the Implementation Plan will serve to help guide the project development process. 

The plan is intended to be a "living document" that is subject to change, periodic review and re-approval as NORMAN FORWARD projects progress.The plan outlines the scopes of work, conceptual budgets, and the order in which the projects or phases of NORMAN FORWARD projects will commence.The information contained in the Implementation Plan and Project Timeline is based on currently available information as well as certain assumptions made based on anticipated requirements.

The Implementation Plan was approved by the CFOB at their June 13, 2016, meeting and formally adopted by Council at the June 28, 2016 City Council meeting.The plan may be reviewed semi-annually by the Citizen Financial Oversight Board (CFOB) for report and recommendation to the City Council. The project timeline, scope of work, and budgets are subject to change, as directed by Council, as the planning process progresses and more information becomes available. 

Below are links to download the Implementation Plan and Council Adoption Resolution:

Implementation Plan (as adopted on June 28, 2016)
City Council Resolution Adopting the Implementation Plan (June 28, 2016)