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Development Coordinator

Who is the Development Coordinator?

The Development Coordinator position assists in all forms of retail, residential and industrial development. By providing a point-of-contact to facilitate new and existing businesses, commercial property owners, developers, contractors and others as they navigate the municipal permitting and construction process, the City of Norman is committed to providing a “business friendly” climate that strives to build and streamline business and residential growth.  

The Development Coordinator also assists in coordination of City requirements and acts as an ombudsman for private sector projects that may encounter difficulties during project development. The Development Coordinator works with all City departments, including: Planning and Development, Public Works, Utilities, Parks and Fire.


How Does the Development Coordinator Assist the Customer?

• Serving as a point-of-contact for prospective retail, industrial and residential developers
• Assisting in coordinating and assembling discovery meetings with relevant staff from the City and other agencies to support business and development projects as part of their site development research
• Representing development among all City departments to help facilitate plan review, approval, inspections and issue resolution
• Assisting business and developer projects in navigating the development process
• Fielding re-development inquiries 
• Serving to educate the public on City development and construction standards
• Helping ensure concerns are addressed in a timely manner
• Providing assistance with resolution of potential issues

What Does the Development Coordinator Do to Assist With Problems and/or Concerns?

• Help troubleshoot planning and/or construction issues
• Works to find potential solutions to problems related to City regulations, requirements and issues
• Correct errors that may have taken place during the development process
• Provide a seamless, timely, predictable and streamlined development review process