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City Manager

City Manager Darrel Pyle 

Form of Government

The City of Norman has a council-manager form of government which consists of an elected city council that is responsible for policymaking, and a professional city manager, appointed by the council, who is responsible for administration. The council-manager form, the most popular form of government, is based on the model of a business with a board of directors that appoints a chief executive officer.

In the City of Norman, the City Manager:

  • Provides professional leadership for the City
  • Executes policies and procedures
  • Develops and recommends alternative solutions to community concerns for consideration by the Mayor and City Council
  • Develops new programs and measures to meet emerging and future needs of the City
  • Manages the City's operating and capital improvement budgets
  • Promotes confidence in city government through citizen involvement and excellent customer service

City Manager's Staff

Annahlyse Meyer      Chief Communications Officer
(405) 217-7723
Terry Floyd      Development Coordinator      (405) 366-5446      email
Sara Kaplan      Retail Marketing Coordinator      (405) 366-5257      email
Bryce Holland      Multimedia Specialist (405) 366-5266 email
Stacey Parker      Executive Assistant      (405) 366-5402      email

Vital Information:
Appointed: June 11, 2019