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September 2017

Main Street Streetscape to begin Monday

Construction on the $3.2 million Main Street Streetscape Enhancement Project begins Monday. The enhancement area is Main Street from Park Drive to James Garner Avenue.  The project, which includes landscaping, decorative lighting and street furniture, is estimated for completion in June 2018.

Portions of Peters Avenue and Comanche Street to be repaved

On Friday, if weather cooperates, the asphalt on Peters Avenue from Main Street to Gray Street will be removed and replaced. During the same time, the asphalt on Comanche Street from Peters Avenue to Jones Avenue will also be removed and replaced. 

The projects are expected to be completed by late Saturday evening.

Peters Avenue from Eufaula to Gray Street to be repaved

On Friday, if weather cooperates, the asphalt on Peters Avenue between Eufaula and Gray Street will be removed and replaced. The project is expected to be completed by late Saturday evening.

While the work is underway, signage and flagmen on site will assist motorists.  No parking can be allowed on the streets during the project. 

Camden Way at Rosedale; Rosedale south of Camden Way to close Thursday

Lenox Drive at Rosedale Drive, and Rosedale Drive just north of Lenox Drive will reopen to traffic on Thursday. At the same time, Camden Way at Rosedale Drive will temporarily close along with Rosedale Drive just south of Camden Way. The closures will allow the installation of the roadway drainage inlets at these intersections. The roadways are expected to reopen the first week of October.

Flu Shots Available at the Little Axe Community Center on October 5

The Little Axe Community Center will host a flu shot clinic on October 5 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. The community center is located at 1000 168th Avenue N.E.

Elmwood from Chautauqua to Franklin to close daily this week

Elmwood Drive from Chautauqua Avenue to Franklin Drive will close Tuesday at 7 a.m. for continued work to replace water lines. This block will be closed during the day while the water line work is underway in the area. The water line installation is expected to be complete by Friday.Homeowners will be allowed access to their homes at all times.

City of Norman to Host Lake Thunderbird Watershed Clean Up Blitz

The City of Norman will host its first Lake Thunderbird Watershed Clean-Up Blitz on Sundays throughout October from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

North Half of Berry and West Lindsey Intersection Closes Wednesday

The south half of the Berry Road and West Lindsey intersection will reopen mid-morning tomorrow.  At the same time, the north half of the same intersection will be temporarily closed for installation of the drainage system. The north leg of Berry Road at Lindsey will reopen in late October.  

Signs will be in place at each closure to direct motorists.

Turnover at Lake Thunderbird affects taste and odor of drinking water

City of Norman water customers may be experiencing changes in the taste and odor of their drinking water due to recent rains and changes in water temperature at Lake Thunderbird. The water is safe to drink but may have a musty taste and odor. 

Chautauqua from Elmwood to Timberdell to close Tuesday

Although Chautauqua Avenue will be temporarily open for game day traffic, it will close from Elmwood Street to Timberdell Street at 7 a.m. on Tuesday for continued work to install a new waterline. Due to unexpected delays, the project which was originally expected to be completed in August, is now anticipated for completion by the end of September if weather cooperates.

North side of Wiley Road at Lindsey to close Tuesday

Beginning Tuesday morning, the north side of Wiley Road at Lindsey Street will close temporarily to allow for installation of a new drainage system. The road is expected to be reopened to traffic on October 27.

Signs will be in place to direct motorists. 

Residents will have access to their homes at all times.